bookkeeping for companies

Efficient bookkeeping for companies in Scunthorpe 

At S.Smith & Co Accountants, we have extensive experience in bookkeeping. Aside from bookkeeping, we can also file your company details and provide tax investigation services. To get more information give our team a call.

Prompt and regular bookkeeping services

If your business has a lot of bills and invoices that need to be filed and documented, get our team to help you. Our bookkeepers are trained in providing you with complete ledgers and submit monthly and annual reconciliation statements to you and the shareholders. All our bookkeepers are trained in accounting software which is popular on the market and can easily maintain accounts and payroll systems in both computerised as well as manual form. We take on bookkeeping projects across Scunthorpe, Goole, Doncaster and Gainsborough
Qualified accountants

Keeping your books accurate

  • Qualified accountants
  • Keeping your books in order
  • Every penny is accounted for
  •  Detailed reports at a glance
  • Payroll services and data

Bookkeeping services at your premises

Whether you hire us at the very start of your business or hire us because your accounts are in a mess, we are happy to help. At S.Smith & Co Accountants, we are a team of qualified accountants who can get your bookkeeping up-to-date at the earliest. 
Trust us our bookkeepers with all your accounts. We are based in Scunthorpe and contactable
on 01724 848 343
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