Limited Companies

Limited company paperwork

Helping you start your very own limited company

At S.Smith & Co Accountants, we will help you form your company, get it incorporated and register it at the Companies House. 

Limited company paperwork and filing made simple

Starting a company requires many legal documents to be filled and submitted. With so many decisions that require your personal attention, leave the paperwork and other legalities to S.Smith & Co Accountants. Our team will not only help you file your incorporation but also ensure all the paperwork is filed, shares have been registered, share holder's details are maintained and all data is up-to-date for the financial year. 
We are based in Scunthorpe but offer all our services across Goole, Doncaster and Gainsborough. You can even subscribe to our tax investigation service to help you during HMRC enquiries and to file relevant paperwork with the officers.

Decision-making help provided for

  • Salary and dividends
  • Calculate assets and liabilities and 
  • Reduce risks of bad debts
  • Provide a professional business front
  • Helping with raising investment
  • Advice on funding and contracts 
accounting requirement

Assistance for all accounting requirement

Apart from your daily work duties, you as a director will also have many accounting responsibilities to take care of. The team of S.Smith & Co Accountants can undertake this process with ease. We are trained and knowledgeable in all accounting and bookkeeping requirements and can make sure that all your documents are filed and processed in time.
To understand the benefits of limited company formation in Scunthorpe, call us
on 01724 848 343
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