Help with payroll in Scunthorpe

Our payroll experts will ensure that your company will never fall behind on your payroll administration filing. 

Take the stress out of payroll with S.Smith & Co Accountants

Keep your staff happy by ensuring they get their pay on time. Whether you are a small or large business, making sure your staff's salary is correctly calculated and they get the money transferred on time is important. At S.Smith & Co Accountants, we can offer you efficient payroll services on a monthly basis. We also ensure that all data is well documented and adheres to HMRC regulations. If you decide to do your payroll in-house, our team will advise you on the various software options available on the market, install them on your computers and train people on how to use them. We will always be on hand for any support you need with them. 
Real Time Information submission

Comprehensive accounting services in Scunthorpe

  • Real Time Information submission
  • Training you with payroll software
  • Regular bookkeeping 
  • Filing of bills and invoices
  • Registering your new business
 in-house payroll services

Giving you in-house payroll services

We will accurately calculate your employees’ wages and document any deductions, bonuses, and overtime payments and present it on a payslip that is clear to both yourself and your employees. Don't let numbers eat up your precious time, get in touch with our team to help you. We have the experience to give you accurate payroll statements on time.
For efficient payroll services hire us today! Call us now on 01724 848 343
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