5 February 2021

£50 Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

Here at S Smith & Co Accountants we are proud when our clients are satisfied with the services we deliver, and our team place a very high value of the business referrals we receive from our existing clients.

If you enjoy our accountancy service and would recommend us to a friend, colleague or family member, why not formally refer them to us? Many potential customers like to receive a referral for an accountant, as they want to use an accounting service which their friends and family rely upon too.

For more than 20 years now, S Smith & Co has grown almost entirely by referrals, So we would like to reward our lovely clients even further. For February, March and April 2021, we have increased our referral incentive fee to £50.00.

Do you know anyone that needs?

  • More business support from their accountant
  • Help to grow and expand their business.
  • Help with a VAT or Tax Inspection.
  • Assistance with their payroll processing.
  • A potential reduction in the accountancy fees they pay.

If you refer a friend or colleague to S Smith & Co Accountants and they work with us, a £50 credit will be added to your account. This allows us to grow our business organically and build extensive networks and relationships with our customers for the future. It also puts extra cash in your pocket, which could be helpful especially now!

Please contact us on 01724 848343 or by email at, if you have anybody you would like to refer to us!

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