3 April 2020

5th April 2020 Year End Accounts


In the mist of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are aware the tax year end is on Sunday. We are currently working from home and our office is closed, therefore at present we are unable to accept information being brought into the office. However, we are closely monitoring this situation, as we are aware our clients require their accounts to be completed.

As I am sure you will appreciate, our main priority is to support you through this time. In turn this has resulted in a vast amount of calls and emails to deal with. So, we are prioritising VAT and accounts by deadline dates and urgency, we will contact you as and when we need your information.

We do have two options available at present.

Any electronic information can be emailed to, we will pick this up and complete your tax return as soon as we can.

Alternatively, if your information can fit through a letterbox, we do have a letterbox at the office where you can put your yearend information through. Please let one of us know when you have dropped your information off, so it can be collected. We will then work on your tax return as soon as possible.

If the above options are not suitable for you, please email us when your accounts are ready and we will keep a log of this and contact you when either our office is open or we can collect the information.


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