Do you find bookkeeping a headache and a burden? We are here to help take the unnecessary stress away from you, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

Many business owners do not have the time for their own bookkeeping, as they are utilising their skills to run their business. Over time a backlog of bookkeeping can build up, which can take up hours and become a problem to you and your business.

We offer bespoke packages to fully manage your paperwork; daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Your bookkeeping can be dropped off at our office, we can collect your paperwork or you can electronically send it over to us – we will work with you to make sure it runs in the most efficient way.

Bookkeeper or accountant or both?

We find that there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the terms bookkeeping and accountants or the perceived role and cost of each. Commonly this includes :-

  • A belief that by having an internal bookkeeper there is no need to have an accountant
  • That accountants don’t do bookkeeping
  • That accountants will be much more expensive for Bookkeeping than a Bookkeeper.
  • That Bookkeeping is different from preparing accounts

The reality is that technology has removed a lot of traditional differences in terms of using a bookkeeper and accountant and radically reduced bookkeeping costs. Many accountants are happy to do the basic recording of day to day transactions.

Accountants such as ourselves offer fixed fee packages using the excellent software now available, which in many cases can save money from separating out the tasks of bookkeeping from accounting and using different suppliers.

If we prepare your bookkeeping, we can also provide your estimated tax liabilities, so there are no end of year surprises.

We can make sure the bookkeeping process is efficient and up to date, to make sure the below information is readily available to you:

  • Monthly or Quarterly profit and loss
  • Management Accounts
  • VAT Returns
  • Estimated Tax Liabilities
  • End of year accounts

Our clients say it is actually more cost effective for us to do the bookkeeping for them than it is for them to employ a bookkeeper.

Are you fully paperless and would like an electronic bookkeeping service?

We encourage a paperless work environment, if you receive all of your invoices by email, simply forward these onto us daily, weekly or monthly and we can record those as they are received. This eliminates the risk of lost emails, invoices or scanned in paperwork and we keep them all for you, if you were to ever need them.

Our first step to providing you with a bookkeeping solution, would be to gain a full understanding of your business and how this works – whether this be stacks of paperwork, no paperwork or handwritten ledger books. We would then tailor our approach to your requirements so we can provide exactly the bookkeeping service that would work best for your business.

To find out more about our Bookkeeping Services at S Smith & Co Accountants in Scunthorpe, Epworth & Brigg, please call us on Scunthorpe 01724 848343 or email