31 March 2020

How accounting software solutions save you money


Running a business is a huge task, so the last thing business owners need is to spend all their time balancing books. This is where accounting software, when used correctly, can help companies to optimise their operations. What’s more, there are a number of high-quality options available to suit different budgets, including Sage, Quickbooks and FreeAgent. Below, we take a closer look at how accounting software can help businesses save money.

1. Hardware and software

In-house accounting solutions require businesses to maintain their hardware and software themselves. Although software licences are usually affordable, hardware comes with a number of hidden costs, including installation, maintenance and repair. Not only that, but business owners will also be responsible for routine backups, upgrades and security.

By opting for cloud accounting software like Sage instead, businesses only have to pay a monthly subscription fee, accessing their accounts by simply logging into the dashboard. Even better, this comes with 24/7 support and includes all security and backup requirements.

2. Automation

Manually recording and reconciling expenses makes human error much more likely, costing a business both time and money if mistakes are made. However, cloud accounting services do all the heavy lifting, simplifying complex processes and improving the accuracy and speed of these mundane tasks. Not only does this streamline workflows, but it allows employees to focus on strategic initiatives that can make a business more money.

3. Scalability

All businesses look for ways to accelerate their growth, and if they’re successful, they will be onboarding new employees, entering new markets and expanding their product or service offering. However, all of this means their accounting and compliance requirements will change, so they need their accounting software to be able to adapt with them.

Investing in the right software from the start will be essential for future growth. Business owners, therefore, need to look for a solution that can provide them with the core financial applications they need right now but offers the additional services they will require in the future. Although this might seem expensive to begin with, it will save them a lot more money in the long term.

To find out more about which accounting solution is right for your business, contact us at S.Smith Accountants today. As experts in payroll accounting and bookkeeping services, we’re ready to support your growth.

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