16 October 2019

Protecting you from an HMRC enquiry


Are you a client and are not sure if you are covered by our tax investigation scheme? Don’t worry we will be contacting all of our clients over the next week to check they have the level of protection they need.

Our tax investigation scheme is very important for all of our clients, including small businesses, personal individual tax returns and large businesses. Anybody can be investigated; no business is too small or too large for HMRC to challenge. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, anyone can be selected – meaning no one is immune to scrutiny.

The scheme enables us to deal with all correspondence with HMRC if in the unfortunate case that you are selected for an enquiry. We respond to HMRC on your behalf and provide you with full representation, as well as dealing with any meetings with the tax inspector. There is no additional cost as the fees are all covered through the protection scheme, therefore you can have peace of mind that professional representation costs are covered.

If you would like to take out the scheme and you are not currently covered, contact us today on 01724 848343 and we will review the level of protection you need.

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