15 July 2020

Ryan Davey – Work Anniversary


After completing his first year of an apprenticeship and studying Level 2 AAT with us, Ryan has now been with the S Smith & Co Team a year.

Through the apprenticeship, Ryan has developed key skills in the work place, developing his communication skills and confidence. Over the year we have seen a lot of progression from Ryan and he is continuing to gain more knowledge every day, from his onsite training and also through his AAT classes.

We asked Ryan how he has found his first year with S Smith & Co and the apprenticeship programme ….
How have you found the first year at S Smith & Co?

It’s gone very well, my role within the company just got increasingly bigger as the year went on. I have gained so much valuable knowledge and confidence within myself and the workplace.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship at S Smith & Co?

I chose an apprenticeship at S Smith & Co because it seemed like a great place to work. It’s a smaller company and everyone is so helpful and friendly it’s an ideal place of work for a young person like myself.

How do you think an apprenticeship has helped your progression?

I have gained so much knowledge within the workplace and from my AAT classes. I have also learnt many key things like being able to answer the phone and other valuable workplace skills.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

Definitely give it a go if you think further education isn’t for you. Even though there is still a qualification attached to an apprenticeship it’s not the same as an A Level or university degree. As well as that you gain valuable work experience from a young age.

What is your favourite thing about working at S Smith & Co?

The people, everyone is super friendly the environment and the culture at the company is great, it makes coming to work enjoyable.

We are looking forward to seeing Ryan continue to progress in the workplace and onto the Level 3 AAT.


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