20 January 2022

SSP Rebate Scheme

Statutory Sick Pay

Since 21 December 2021, have you had any employees absent due to coronavirus-related sickness or self-isolation?

If so, you could be eligible for the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme.

If you’re an employer with fewer than 250 employees and you’ve paid SSP to your employees due to coronavirus-related sickness, you could be eligible for support.

You will be able to reclaim the costs for up to two weeks of SSP for an employee, regardless of whether you claimed for the same employee using the previous scheme.

The scheme is now open to make reclaims, your agent can make the claims on your behalf. Your business will be eligible if you meet the below criteria:

  • You employed fewer than 250 employees on 30 November 2021
  • You have paid SSP to your employees for Covid related sickness
  • You’re claiming for an employee who is eligible for sick pay due to coronavirus.
  • You have a PAYE payroll scheme that was created and started on or before 30 November 2021.

You can click here to claim back the Statutory Sick Pay.

If we manage your payroll scheme, contact us today to make the reclaim for you.

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