24 August 2021

Tax Investigation Protection


Whether you’re a sole trader, landlord, contractor or limited company, a letter from HMRC can create you a headache – but it doesn’t have to.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is under relentless pressure to raise money for the government from increased tax receipts. Inevitably that means more tax and VAT investigations. In the current climate, there is no doubt about it that there will be a focus on fraud related to the various Government Support Schemes (Including CJRS, SEISS and the Eat Out to Help Out scheme).

HMRC have already issued over 35,000 targeted letters where it has reason to believe that claims are incorrect.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to make sure you are covered under the tax investigation protection scheme!

As you can imagine, HMRC investigations are immensely time consuming and highly stressful. Then there are the professional fees to carry the fight to HMRC.

With key tax advice, protection against the cost of professional fees and representation from ex-HMRC inspectors in the event of a tax enquiry, you can protect your business by taking out the tax investigation protection.

Our fee protection scheme includes –

  • Access to an in-house tax and VAT helpline that handles over 50,000 calls a year
  • Over 60 tax specialists able to support you when defending a HMRC enquiry
  • Invaluable telephone access to a 24-hour 365-day a year legal advice line, this can be a real help to your business, by providing you with independent employment and business legal advice for free.

If you were to receive an enquiry we will –

  • Remove your concerns about the cost of an enquiry
  • Handle all communications with HMRC, including letters, phone calls or notices issued
  • Ensure that the basis of any enquiry is corrected and that your case is handled fairly
  • Prepare for and attend any face-to-face meetings with the tax inspector

So, whether it’s a PAYE or VAT visit, a technical enquiry or full-blown books and records enquiry, our tax investigation protection service is designed to get you the best result.

If you do not have the tax investigation fee protection, get in contact with us and we will provide you with an annual price to protect you and your business.

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