9 October 2023

Team Bonding Night

On Friday our S Smith & Co Team embarked in doing an escape room for some thrilling team bonding! 🔓🕵️‍♀️

Locked in the room, we faced mind-boggling challenges and raced against the clock solving puzzles to make our escape 🧩💡 Our Team got out with 16 minutes 30 seconds remaining! We were told by the staff at the escape room this was their hardest room and there was only a 23% pass rate.

Well done to each team member for using their problem solving skills and creativity to the test. Our Team now feels more equipped to tackle any challenge that they face inside and outside the workplace.

After all that hard work to escape, we went and treated ourselves to some lovely food at Frankie & Benny’s! 🍕🍝
Well Done Team!!

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