18 August 2021

Working From Home Relief

Working From Home

So far 794,819 people have claimed working from home relief.

Did you work from home during the pandemic? Even if you worked for just one day you can claim tax relief for the whole year against your income tax.

How much can I claim?

For the 2020/21 year Working from Home Relief was increased from £4 to £6 a week.

This equates to £312 a year, but don’t be fooled by the online claims as you can only claim the tax relief on £312, not £312 entirely.

  • For basic rate taxpayers you can claim 20% of £312, which works out at £62.40 annually.
  • For higher rate taxpayers you can claim 40%, which calculates to £124.80 annually.

How do I claim working from home allowance?

HMRC are currently offering a microservice where you can file for the claim in a few easy steps however, if you file a Self-Assessment Tax Return you cannot use this service.

If you file a Self-Assessment Tax Return you can claim the relief in the box ‘other expenses and capital allowances’, please enter the full £312 as it will automatically calculate the correct tax amount for you. If your accountant files your Self-Assessment Tax Return for you, please let them know you would like to claim this relief on your Tax Return.

If you do not file a Self-Assessment tax return, you can claim using the microservice by clicking here. 

If you have previously worked from home and not claimed it on prior years tax returns you can backdate the claim up to four years, however this requires amending each tax return to make the claim. If you’re not sure how to claim or would like us to claim for you, you can contact one of our team by calling us on 01724 848343 or email

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