21 June 2024

🎉Celebrating Grace Leckey’s 3 Year Work Anniversary🎉

Congratulations to Grace on her third work anniversary as part of the S Smith & Co team. We would like to thank Grace very much for all of her hard work over the past three years, as well as her dedication to the business and the team. Grace continues to make everyone’s day brighter with her singing and positive energy!  🌟

We asked Grace…

What do you enjoy most about working for this company?

At S Smith & Co we are all one big team. I enjoy being able to come into work, see the team and always being there when one of us needs help or support with our work. We have such a positive work environment, so when we go on our work do’s we have such a great time.

What are some of your most memorable moments or achievements during your time with the company?

Watching myself progress throughout the company is an achievement for me. From starting out as a level 3 apprentice and now training on level 4 and progressing at the workplace and always learning something new.

My most memorable moments are our staff Christmas parties and team bonding activities. We always have a fantastic time and it helps us grow as a team, learning more about each other day by day.

How has your role evolved over time since you’ve been here?

Since I started 3 years ago my role has evolved a lot. From starting out doing admin tasks, self-assessments to now working on VAT returns, Ltd companies accounts, payroll. I have been able to evolve and learn about things I didn’t know when I first joined.

What advice would you give to new employees or people starting their journey in Accounting?

Keep Going! You may feel like you don’t understand a lot at the start and are unsure of many things, but you will have a team who is always going to be there to help and support you and give you the knowledge you need to progress. So even if at first you are unsure and nervous, keep going, always ask for help and don’t just sit there in worry!

What is your favourite biscuit to eat the office?

It has to be an Oatie (Aldi’s version of a Chocolate Hob Nob). We always have plenty of these at the office as we all love to enjoy them with our morning cuppas!

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