4 March 2024

Are you using our client portal?

If you’re a client and you have not yet signed up to our client portal, the question is – why not?!

We have a client portal service for all clients, which allows you to be able to interact with us through our website. A convenient and secure platform that allows you to easily share and access important documents with S Smith & Co. By signing up for our client portal, you can streamline the process of exchanging information, making collaboration more efficient and hassle-free.


Here are some key benefits of our client portal:

1. Secure Document Sharing: Rest assured that your sensitive financial documents are safe and secure within our encrypted client portal.

2. 24/7 Access: Access your documents anytime, anywhere.

3. Effortless Collaboration: Easily upload, download, and review documents with just a few clicks. Share information with us quickly and efficiently, enhancing our ability to provide you with the best possible service.

4. Document Organisation: Keep all your important financial information in one centralised location.


Signing up for our client portal is quick and easy. Contact our team and we will guide you through the registration process – we’re here to help make your financial management smoother and more efficient.


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