10 July 2020

The unexpected benefits of hiring a tax accountant

Is it time to consider an accountant? This friendly firm of accountants in Scunthorpe discuss the unexpected benefits of taking up accounting services.

“Is it that time of year again?!” It can be hard to believe that the April tax year end and payroll year end have passed, leaving the tax return deadlines for self-assessment. Finding the time to manage your accounts and tax return, whilst maintaining focus on the growth of your business is a challenge.

We are all unique, with different approaches to business – not all of us will spend our time working out how to get the best from a tax return! Whilst HMRC’s online personal tax account makes managing your own tax affairs easier than in the days of having to rely on phone calls, letters or emails to receive updates on your account, there are significant benefits to hiring an accountant which shouldn’t be overlooked.

The delegation of time-consuming tasks to an accountant will save you time, meaning you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important, namely business growth and development. Engaging accounting services may also save you money in the long term. Accountants are adept at noticing areas of overspend or expenses meaning your tax bill may well reduce. They also have expertise in legislation which is particularly relevant considering the many recent changes announced in Rishi Sunak’s Summer Statement. Perhaps one of the lesser considered benefits of utilising accounting services, is the unexpected advice that accountants can offer to boost your business. This can be especially helpful in the early stages of business development.

At S. Smith & Co. Accountants in Scunthorpe, we offer a range of accounting services including accounts preparation, bookkeeping services, payroll services and tax investigation support for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re looking for personal, business or corporation tax support, contact us at S. Smith and Co. Accountants for accounting services that you can rely on.

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