28 February 2024

Do I need an accountant?

Are you a small business who is wondering when you should be speaking to an Accountant? Do you wait until you are bigger, surely it will be too expensive, and you can just do it all yourself – can’t you?

The service of a good Accountant extends way beyond simply minimising your tax bill. In addition to saving you time and money, a good accountant can help you to plan ahead, helps you make business decisions, helps to manage your cashflow and make better decisions whilst helping to reduce risk in your business.

So why should I invest in a quality accountant?

1.      Save Money!

So, the most obvious advantage of working with a good accountant – to save money. Filing taxes can be complex, even a small innocent mistake can result in fines. We will ask the right questions, make sure you file on time and advise the best ways to be tax efficient.


2.      Free up your time – time is money!

Finding the right accountant is key to enabling you to save time whilst keeping accurate financial records and stay on top of the deadlines. Let your accountant do what they are good at so you can do what you are good at too.


3.      Help when you need it.

Yes, there is a cost involved, however finding the right accountant for you whilst you are starting out can help to accelerate your confidence and subsequently grow your business.

We can help you with:

Financial Planning


Tax incentives



Having someone you can work with from the beginning helps to build a solid foundation to ensure your business is around for many years to come.


4.      How do I decide?

People choose people, when meeting an accountant for the first-time treat it as you would any interview. Price is obviously important to any business, but you need to feel the connection with the person you are going to be working with.


We are all made differently, and we have the best team, why not come and meet us and find out for yourself the difference the right accountant can make to your business.

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