23 February 2024

Xero Workshop

Yesterday, Natalie & Steph were invited to attend a Xero Workshop by Kadie and Kundai Denga at the MKM stadium in Hull. The workshop was aimed to demonstrate how we can improve efficiencies by digitalising year end accounts further than we already are, using all of the functionalities Xero has to offer.

As a Xero Gold Partner, we always look to maximise the full potential of Xero, having a constant workflow. In the same way we like to encourage our clients who have taken on their digital journey to use Xero to its full potential.

Yesterday provided new tips and we explored a new App Software which we can use alongside Xero, to make your financial year end easier for you. We have exciting things which we will be rolling out from 6th April 2024 to hopefully make your 2023/24 more streamlined and digital where possible.

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